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Dakota Rose
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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Miami Beach with Winter And Oli

GUYS! sorry for the late. and, im too busy with my works. okay, introducing you Winter and Oliver. they are so happy together, while me and cody broke up. aweee <3 fantastic. i hope winter and oliver will settle down their relationship problem cause they had a big fight, i hope that stupid problem will end. hahaha. guys, thats all for now, bye

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jared Williams and Amber Sykes

Hey this is Jared Williams. I hope he doesnt mind i put this picture. *fingercross* This is Amber Sykes bf. He's an emo king *proud uh?* He do helps me a lot in love story or whatever. He's my doctor love. I act steal this pic from his profile. *shhh* dont tell him. This is our secret. My first expression towards him? He's a handsome, cute, tall and blonde guy. He's kinda laser too. Everytime he attacked me, it's kinda like 'wosh, could you just watcha mouth?' haha. But, he's kool. Amber have been with him for almost like 3 months. more longer than cody and i. yeah, they're kool to each other. Love them. :)

Cody Hart And Cleo Sykes

I miss you so much. And hey, i did call you bout 30 minutes ago. You seek for forgiveness and you're hoping that we can end this stupid fight and i forgive you. It's because i love you so much. 5/15/2011 is our perfect day and that date is our love symbol date. Awhhh. It's so romantic right? Hehehe. This picture reminds me of your birthday. Amber, Oli, Andy, Winter, Taylor, Jared and many more hit your house :D And, you started to dance and i followed you. Do i have to tell that? Nahhh, not that necessary. And, you said you love me so much and then you try to take care of me and you're scared that i walk away and heyy, i wouldnt do that. Pinky Promise for you, baby boy. I dont blame you, i'm just blaming myself. And, forget bout the Andy things, i'm just like..um..thinking that.. FORGET BOUT IT~ The most important thing is, i love you so much and i hope our relationship will be long-lasting. *fingercross* I love this picture. Look at that big hole on your ears. It's so cute and you made that because i wanna too :D thanks, baby <3 And, all i want to say is 'DONT BREAK MY HEART ANYMORE AND  LET'S MEET ASAP. I love you and i would to be your wife. Hehehe. kiddin' , Cody Hart :*

Amanda Audrey Kitching Sykes and Oliver Sykes

Hey haters and lovers. This is me again, Dakota Rose Sykes :D Ughh, how many times should i tell you? Okay, this is Amanda Nia Sykes and Oliver ______ Sykes. LOL. haha. Okay, they've been together for alomost 5 months. Congrats for that sissy :D Why do i put this porn picture? because, i want my haters to judge me and keep hating me? why? because i wanna famous of course. :') I have a wonderful story btw. It's Cody's story. I'll tell you a.s.a.p ok? My sister is not a scene queen, i mean Nia. She's just an Emo model. She's so beautiful and i do admit it. Hehehe. 1)Kiki Fiqi Kannibal 2)Dakota Sasha Rose 3)Amanda Nia Hendrick. Right? SJ WHITELY is so ME! remember that. Btw, Dakota means keep changing from one to another. Remember that until you die. Hahaha. I'm not a fake and i bet you to believe me or else, you'll regret it. Because, i'm just being me, no one else. Why should we be fake if we have the PRIDE? Btw, i already forget bout my stupid memories with Andy. Hahaha. silly me. okay, that's all for now. Bye <2

Oliver Sykes

Hell yeah baby. Many bloger said that ima bitch. They just being jealous because i still have my love ones that support me all the time. LOL. Btw, you guys said that you wanna see winter(my sissy) which is Oliver's howt lil mama. Okay, i'll show you later. This picture is so not Winter. It's me and Oliver. Btw, hubbys and bunnys, i'm not with him anymore. I'm with this Emo King. His name is Cody Jason Hart. But, i dont think that our relationship will long-lasting. Huhh~ Dayummm. Why do i put this picture? IDK! It's so not fair right? Okay, hater, okay. I'll put my sister picture with this Oliver. Gosh, anymore human being. Uhhh. Okay? My sister name is Winter Caroline Sykes. Real name. So, just back off. He's already taken bitch. Forget bout your feelings toward this cute lil guy. Cute?! o.O Okay, admitted. <3 haha. Okay, haters and lovers. Bye2 :*

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Got to Go Bye

Bye, guys, gtg. I really need to be alone. Need to rest my mind. Gosh, i love you Andy <3 Really do
Btw, guys. This is Oliver from Bring Me the Horizon c: He's just my ex. I love you, Oliver <3